Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 25 (3), 2008

[Deutscher Titel: Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 25 (3), 2008 (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Volume 25, Number 3 / September 2008

Special Issue: Knowledge Management and Innovation Strategy in the Asia Pacific; Guest Editors: Yuan Lu, Eric W. K. Tsang and Mike W. Peng

Knowledge management and innovation strategy in the Asia Pacific: Toward an institution-based view
Yuan Lu, Eric W. K. Tsang and Mike W. Peng   361-374 

Internationalization of R&D in China and India: Conventional wisdom versus reality
Kazuhiro Asakawa and Ashok Som   375-394 
Managerial ties, absorptive capacity, and innovation
Shanxing Gao, Kai Xu and Jianjun Yang   395-412 
Technological capabilities and firm performance: The case of small manufacturing firms in Japan
Takehiko Isobe, Shige Makino and David B. Montgomery   413-428 
Knowledge management and innovation strategy: The challenge for latecomers in emerging economies
Jiatao Li and Rajiv Krishnan Kozhikode   429-450 
Impact of personal and cultural factors on knowledge sharing in China
Qian Huang, Robert M. Davison and Jibao Gu   451-471 
The impact of state shares on corporate innovation strategy and performance in China
Erming Xu and Han Zhang  473-487 
Does knowledge management matter for information technology applications in China?
Danming Lin, Qiang Liang, Zongling Xu, Runtian Li and Weimin Xie   489-507 

Innovation in product architecture—A study of the Chinese automobile industry
Hua Wang   509-535 
Multidimensional latent traits of perceived organizational innovation: Differences between Thai and Egyptian employees
Nittaya Wongtada and Gillian Rice   537-562 

Developing theory from strategic management research in China
Yuan Li and Mike W. Peng   563-572  

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