Modelling knowledge from various sources by using principles of ethnography

[Deutscher Titel: Wissen unterschiedlichster Quellen mit Hilfe von Prinzipien der beschreibenden Völkerkunde (Ethnographie) modellieren (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Kiran Jude Fernandes    
Interactive situation modelling in knowledge-intensive domains
International Journal of Business Information Systems 2009 – Vol. 4, No.1  pp. 25 – 46

Abstract: This paper shows how knowledge from various sources in a knowledge intensive domain can be modelled using principles of ethnography. This is achieved by bridging the symmetry of ignorance gap that exists between process owners and system developers. Structural and method-based approaches to system modelling have arguably occupied a central place in system development literature. The analysis in this paper shifts the focus from these structural approaches to a more specific discussion on semi-methodological approach. The approach in this paper is distinct from previous discussions on system modelling in three ways: a) the existence of symmetry of ignorance is considered as the main limitation in modelling systems; b) defining the nature and behaviour of the system under observation is considered as a precursor to the knowledge elicitation process; and c) interaction between actors within situated actions is considered as the defining basis of the system boundary.

Keywords: systems modelling; ethnography; requirement engineering; situation modelling; knowledge intensive domains.

DOI (Link): 10.1504/IJBIS.2009.021601

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