Inside Knowledge Magazine, 12 (2), 2008

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Inside Knowledge Magazine, Volume 12 Issue 2 2008

Editor’s letter
KM Migration: follow the bouncing ball.
So much to talk about. So little space. There are two major subjects in this edition of Inside Knowledge that require an editor’s comments.
I drew straws and BPM came up first. To find out whatever happened to BPR I went to Tom Davenport and he suggested I contact three other leaders in the business process movement. Then he would add his contribution….


Last word: IOA: information, organisation and access 
Regardless of the technology you choose, IOA begins with a clear understanding of the user’s needs and how he or she will interact with the data.

Ei feature: Four of BPM’s top leaders answer ‘Whatever happened to BPR?’ 
My primary hope for process management is that it will become embedded in the everyday and long-term behaviours of organisations around the world. It needs to stop being viewed as a fad (actually, a series of fads), and begin to be viewed as an essential aspect of organisational structure and management. If it’s a fad, organisations won’t use process management to constantly and consistently improve how they do their work on behalf of customers. – Tom Davenport

Ei cover story: New knowledge management approach uses ‘artificial intelligence’ 
Expertise location no longer depends on people to update their databases. The AI approach leaves the job to technology.

Masterclass: Part I: The design and management of knowledge work in perspective 
It took 30 years for Taylorism to finally become the standard for business management. How long will it take to replace Taylorism in the Knowledge Age?

Selling KM: Lessons learnt from experience and research 
There is plenty of knowledge about the art of selling, but how do you use it to get buy-in for knowledge management? This story provides the basics. The sidebars apply them to KM.

IK cover story: Info pros leverage their network to become KM pros 
As KM migrates from the wonks to the workers, the Special Libraries Association (SLA) leads the way among professional associations shouldering the implementation strategies.


Knowledgeworks: Migration – KM to HR 
“Our lives must be much more and deeper than what we see on the surface. When surface appearances become all we see, then they will become all we know.” – Sidney Poitier, Keynote speaker, Society for Human Resources Management Conference, June 2008, Chicago, Illinois, US

The knowledge: Avigdor Sharon 
Knowledge sharing for Avigdor Sharon began in 1984 during a team project to write with the medications compendium for the Israel Pharmaceutical Association. Now he’s the new owner of the Association of Knowledgework.

The Gurteen Perspective: Get connected – expand yourself! 
In the past we worked alone. We were not connected. We had no real idea what others were doing – who they were; where they were; what drove them; their thoughts, ideas and aspirations.

Opinion: So why do you resist those online surveys? 
It isn’t about how the question is asked, but where. And the time isn’t right when you have your hands full.

Book review: Squawk! How To Stop Making Noise and Start Getting Results 
A seagull manager learns the three virtues of superior management: the right expectations, communication that clicks and hands-on performance. You might call it the KM formula.

Thought leader: Knowledge information and process 
Is there any alternative to knowledge as we understand it? Something that boasts dynamic and changing fundamental patterns, or shifts those patterns in some new way? Over the past few years we’ve come to appreciate the simple beauty of acknowledging knowledge as the capacity (potential or actual) to take effective action in varied and uncertain situations.

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