Capturing and Retaining Tacit Knowledge in Law Firms

[Deutscher Titel: “Stilles” Wissen in Anwaltskanzlei erfassen und erhalten (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Goodman, J.
Leveraging Tacit Knowledge for Competitive Advantage.
London u.a.: Ark Group, 2008. 102 p.; ISBN: 978-1-906355-32-6 (hkb)

Abstract: In a Climate of economic uncertainty and increased competition, maximising the leverage of your most valuable resources is essential.

Capturing and Retaining Tacit Knowledge in Law Firms has been specifically researched and written to benefit law firm managers during this challenging time, equipping you with key tools and techniques to capture, manage and transfer knowledge and experience effectively within your firm.

In addition, the report examines exclusive best-practice case studies from the world’s leading law firms, granting you access to proven strategies and methods currently succeeding in capturing and retaining tacit knowledge in your field.

Areas covered:

  • Tacit Knowledge for the 21st Century Law Firm;
  • The business case for capturing and retaining tacit knowledge;
  • Key benefits and potential challenges;
  • Measuring ROI derived from leveraging tacit knowledge;
  • Practical considerations;
  • Implementing a suitable strategy for managing tacit knowledge;
  • Ensuring the necessary buy-in for success;
  • Combining technology, processes and people to build and support a genuine knowledge sharing culture;
  • Key tools and methods for success;
  • New and different know-how techniques;
  • Cutting-edge knowledge engineering tools.

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