Information Systems Journal, 18 (6), 2008 (Special: Managing knowledge transfer in distributed contexts)

[Deutscher Titel: Wissensübertragung in verteilten Zusammenhängen handhaben (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Information Systems Journal, Volume 18 Issue 6, 2008

Managing knowledge transfer in distributed contexts (p 559-566)
Kevin C. Desouza, Mark Nissen, Carsten Sørensen

Developing a dynamic project learning and cross-project learning capability: synthesizing two perspectives (p 567-591)
Sue Newell, Linda F. Edelman

Knowledge transfer in globally distributed teams: the role of transactive memory (p 593-616)
Ilan Oshri, Paul van Fenema, Julia Kotlarsky

Exploring the effects of trust, task interdependence and virtualness on knowledge sharing in teams (p 617-640)
D. Sandy Staples, Jane Webster

Multi-contextuality in boundary-spanning practices (p 641-661)
Rikard Lindgren, Magnus Andersson, Ola Henfridsson

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