An influencing model to show how team-based performance appraisal impacts knowledge sharing within teams

[Deutscher Titel: Ein Einflussmodell um aufzuzeigen, wie teambasierte Leistungsbeurteilung die Wissensteilung in Arbeitsgruppen beeinflußt (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Tao Chang, Jianqiao Liao, Xinyan Wang
The effect of team-based performance appraisal on knowledge sharing: constructing and verifying an influencing model
International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies 2008 – Vol. 1, No.2 pp. 153 – 172

Abstract: Recently, it has been proposed that team-based performance appraisal may promote knowledge sharing in the field of knowledge management. The proposal, however, is theoretically and practically doubtful. As a response, this paper explores how team-based performance appraisal impacts knowledge sharing within teams by developing an influencing model. The factors of team-based performance appraisal that influence knowledge sharing are identified from three aspects: situations, beliefs and motives. The two interactive mechanisms by which team-based performance appraisal can promote knowledge sharing are further established. Moreover, the influencing model is tested by Hierarchical Linear Modelling (HLM) based on data collected from 1128 employees working in 251 teams in 73 organisations in China, and the result demonstrates its validity for organisational management.

Keywords: knowledge sharing; knowledge management; team-based performance appraisal; teams; influencing models; China; organisational management; organisational management; data analysis.

DOI (Link): 10.1504/IJDATS.2008.021116

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