Implementation of a knowledge management system at Skaraborg Hospitals

[Deutscher Titel: Einführung eines Wissensmanagementsystems in den Skaraborg-Krankenhäusern (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Anne Persson, Anne; Stirna, Janis; Aggestam, Lena
How to Disseminate Professional Knowledge in Healthcare: The Case of Skaraborg Hospital
Journal of Cases on Information Technology, Vol. 10, Issue 4, 2008, 41-64 pages

Description: Undertaking to implement a knowledge management approach is inherently difficult and risky for organizations. This article describes and discusses an implementation of a knowledge management system that took place at Skaraborg Hospital, a group of hospitals in the South West of Sweden. The article describes how the implementation process was carried out. Based on the experiences from this case and some previous cases, the article suggests a number of best practices for implementing a knowledge management approach.

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