Assessing the readiness for Knowledge Management is important!

[Deutscher Titel: Die Bereitschaft für Wissensmanagement abzuschätzen ist wichtig! (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Dr. Ann Hylton
KM READINESS ASSESSMENT is Essential in a KM and Knowledge AUDIT Initiative
ITtoolbox, White Paper, 10/7/2008

Summary: KM READINESS ASSESSMENT, a critically important element of both the K-Audit and KM, is largely being ignored or marginalised by KM and K-Audit practitioners. It is evidentially only in the past three or four years that this key and essential element of both KM and the K-Audit has been given a reasonably enough level importance in the K-Audit package. Yes, it has gained in acceptance and prominence in the KM/K-Audit process; but the problem is, not enough, and not as a matter of course as should be the case.

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