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  • the virtual community for knowledge and information management practitioners in central government and public bodies. If you are a member of the public you can learn more about the work of the Government Knowledge and Information Network, the Knowledge Council, and the Knowledge and Information Management Function on these pages.
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  • a consulting company helping clients realise their business potential through creative approaches. OpenKnowledge aims towards increasing the level of performance and efficiency using the collaborative capacity of people as a tool, in line with new Enterprise 2.0 paradigma.
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  • a knowledge base for Content Management Professionals
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  • connects people who want to learn with passionate teachers in their local area. The award-wining site is free to join for both people who want to learn and people who want to teach.
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  • Unter dem Motto „Offener Bildungsraum Hochschule: Freiheiten und Notwendigkeiten“ thematisiert die GMW Jahrestagung 2008 schwerpunktmäßig Widersprüche, die aus aktuellen technologischen, hochschul- und gesellschaftspolitischen Anforderungen an didaktische Konzepte in Lehre und Forschung an Hochschulen erwachsen. Konkret sollen Entwicklungen wie Social Software, Web 2.0, mobile learning und die “open”-Strömungen, i.e. open educational resources, open content, open access und open innovation und deren Bedeutung für Lehr- Lernprozesse sowie für die Forschung diskutiert werden.
  • this weblog is meant to inform, to document, to comment and to discuss on Enterprise 2.0 news, aspects, events, practices, practioneers and experts. It is set up as a blogging community which is open to everybody who wants to contribute something – on a regulary as well as singular basis.