Knowledge Flow, 9/2008

[Deutscher Titel: Knowledge Flow, 9/2008 (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Knowledge Flow – the newsletter for the Knowledge Management Specialist Library, September 2008 Volume 4, Issue 1 (Special: Explaining knowledge management)

Briefing on knowledge management
Bond is an organisation concerned with international network development. They have produced this comprehensive introduction to knowledge management.

Quote of the Month
“KM is not compulsory, but neither is survival.”Amrit Tiwana (KM researcher)

Descriptions of knowledge management
There are many different viewpoints on what knowledge management is all about. Here are a selection of briefings:

  • Knowledge management: white knight or white elephant?
  • Knowledge management
  • Introduction to knowledge management
  • What is knowledge management?
  • Tacit knowledge

Research papers
The following are research papers describing knowledge management in more depth and providing further references.

  • On doing knowledge management
  • Some directions for research in knowledge sharing
  • ‘Think of others’ in knowledge management: making culture work for you

Stories of experience
Karl-Erik Sveiby is an early pioneer of knowledge management, and his main focus of interest is the role of storytelling in transferring knowledge. These are two stories illustrating the benefits of knowledge management in different cultures:

  • Noonghaburra – the story of the Aboriginal path to knowledge
  • Knowledge management – the Viking way

History of KM
Larry Prusak describes the evolution of KM based on his experiences with McKinsey & Company, BP and IBM.

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