A case and model of knowledge-building for the educational community

[Deutscher Titel: Ein Fall und Modell der Wissensentstehung für die pädagogische Gemeinschaft (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Gary Holden
Knowledge-building and networking: the Leadership for Learning case
School Leadership & Management, Volume 28, Issue 4 September 2008 , pages 307 – 322

Abstract: Leadership for learning (LfL) is conceived as a network rather than as a centre within the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. This paper explores what is understood by the term network, both within LfL and in the wider educational and research communities, and how these understandings are reflected in a number of projects carried out under the aegis of LfL over the last three years. The paper draws out the key distinguishing features of these activities and, using the five principles of leadership for learning, explores the degree to which these activities have contributed to the creation and transfer of new knowledge. The paper concludes by proposing a model for knowledge-building which draws on the work of LfL and suggests ways in which this model may be of use to the wider educational community.

Keywords: agency; collaboration; communities of learning; leadership; networks; knowledge-building; partnership

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