Understanding the role of social capital in organizational-knowledge-sharing

[Deutscher Titel: Die Rolle von sozialem Kapital bei der organisationalen Wissensteilung verstehen (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Wing S. Chow, and Lai Sheung Chan,
Social network, social trust and shared goals in organizational knowledge sharing
Information & Management, Volume 45, Issue 7, November 2008, Pages 458-465

Abstract: The aim of our study was to further develop an understanding of social capital in organizational-knowledge-sharing. We first developed a measurement tool and then a theoretical framework in which three social capital factors (social network, social trust, and shared goals) were combined with the theory of reasoned action; their relationships were then examined using confirmatory factoring analysis. We then surveyed of 190 managers from Hong Kong firms, we confirm that a social network and shared goals significantly contributed to a person’s volition to share knowledge, and directly contributed to the perceived social pressure of the organization. The social trust has however showed no direct effect on the attitude and subjective norm of sharing knowledge.

Keywords: Knowledge sharing; Social capital; Theory of reasoned action; Confirmatory factor analysis

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