Data & Knowledge Engineering, 67 (2), 2008 (Special Jubilee Issue: DKE 25 Years )

[Deutscher Titel: Data & Knowledge Engineering, 67 (2), 2008 (Jubiläumssonderausgabe: 25 Jahre DKE) (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Data & Knowledge Engineering, Volume 67, Issue 2, Pages 219-330 (November 2008)
Special Jubilee Issue: DKE 25 Years (Edited by Reind P. van de Riet)

Introduction to the special issue on DKE 25 years 219
Reind P. van de Riet

The thematic and citation landscape of Data and Knowledge Engineering (1985–2007) 234-259
Chaomei Chen, Il-Yeol Song, Xiaojun Yuan, Jian Zhang

New research directions for data and knowledge engineering: A philosophy of language approach 260-285
Andrew Basden, Heinz K. Klein

Quo Vadis computer science: From Turing to personal computer, personal content and collective intelligence 286-292
Epaminondas Kapetanios

Twenty-five years of Mokum: For 25 years of data and knowledge engineering: Correctness by design in relation to MDE and correct protocols in cyberspace 293-329
Reind P. van de Riet

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