Becoming a “learning organization” is a three-step process

[Deutscher Titel: Eine lernende Organisation zu werden ist ein dreistufiger Prozess (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Jessica Twentyman, Editor
How to become a learning organization
Melcrum’s Knowledge Management Newsletter, August 15th, 2008

Abstract: We hear a lot about “learning organizations”, but can an organization really learn? Is learning something that organizations do? Wikipedia tells us that learning is “one of the most important mental functions of humans, animals and artificial cognitive systems”, but organizations aren’t humans, they aren’t animals and they aren’t artificial cognitive systems.
Unlike animals, organizations have no brains, so what do they use to learn?
This is the perplexing philosophical and semantic conundrum with which Nick Milton, director and co-founder of KM consultancy Knoco, will grapple in the forthcoming September/October issue of KM Review.
In his article, “Can organizations learn?”, Milton expounds his own theory: that organizations can indeed learn, above and beyond the sum of individual learning. “Teams can learn, communities can learn, functions and projects can learn, just as an individual can learn,” he says. Becoming a “learning organization” is a three-step process, he says.

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