6 natural principles that make an organization learning and knowledge driven

[Deutscher Titel: 6 natürliche Prinzipien die eine organisation lern- und wissensgesteuert machen (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Jessica Twentyman, Editor
Is yours a learning organization, a knowledge-driven one, or both?
Melcrum’s Knowledge Management Newsletter, September 5th, 2008

Abstract: As a management consultant who specializes in organizational learning and KM, Ron Young of Knowledge Associates International is often asked what the differences are between these approaches; what benefits they bring, both individually and together; and whether KM can help in becoming a learning organization.
These are all big questions – but vital ones for any organization keen to establish and maintain a competitive edge over its rival companies. In the latest issue of KM Review, Young outlines his own thinking on the subject, based on his vast experience in working with companies around the world.
“When this topic is up for debate in the boardroom, the first question should be: ‘Why do we want to become a learning organization?’. The only answer should be: ‘To help us better achieve or exceed our objectives’,” he writes.

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