KnowledgeBoard Newsletter #153, 9/2008

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KnowledgeBoard , 153 – 03 September 2008
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Since last month’s article profiling IKT, there has been a lot of interest in knowledge transfer – and lots more parts of it left to explore. So is running a mini-series looking at different aspects of KT, starting this month with SME creative partnerships in ‘Think small to think big in creative KT’.
On the technology side, ‘Content management Vs knowledge management’ questions why companies are still using web-based CMS to manage knowledge-based processes when they weren’t designed to handle it.
Overload can happen to us humans as well. Peter Bond looks at whether KM can help combat workplace stress, while in the September blog spot, Rendt Gorter looks at whether an information glut is leading to KM chaos.
Finally, bringing things back to order, ‘Target marketing through KM’ looks at how by effectively turning your marketing department into a knowledge management team, you can create more targeted and profitable strategies.

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Louise Druce

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Think small to think big in creative KT
In the second of our series on KT, Pam Tatlow looks at the challenges to be overcome when engaging SMEs in KT partnerships – especially in the creative industries.
Content management Vs knowledge management
Nav Chakravarti discusses how by using web-based CMS to manage knowledge-based processes and sites, many organisations are failing in their efforts to foster greater collaboration.

Managing stress through KM
This edited abstract from a library paper by Peter Bond looks at whether workplace stress be reduced or prevented by using a combination of KM and time management principles and tools.
Target marketing through KM
By effectively turning your marketing department into a knowledge management team, Vicky Kenrick looks at how you can better target your clients before spending money on lavish campaigns.


Blog spot: Why KM can lead to chaos
A look at how the internet has fuelled an information glut.
KM as a tool
Gehan Perera asks how knowledge management can be used as a tool in a manufacturing environment to increase productivity.

Employee resistance
Samantha Levesley is looking for theorists who blame the culture or systems for employee resistance to change.


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