A survey on IT-based enablers of Knowledge Management

[Deutscher Titel: Eine Umfrage zu ITbasierten Faktoren des Wissensmanagement (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

M.D. Singh, R. Kant    
IT-enablement of Knowledge Management: the modelling of enablers
International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management 2008 – Vol. 5, No.4  pp. 353 – 372

Abstract: Information Technology (IT) is one of the enablers of Knowledge Management (KM). The aim of this paper is to understand mutual influences of IT-based enablers of KM and to identify the driving and dependent enablers. A questionnaire-based survey has been conducted in Indian engineering industries to rank these enablers. The results of the survey and the Interpretive Structural Modelling (ISM) have been used to evolve mutual relationships among these enablers. It is observed that of all the enablers the internet has the highest driving power and therefore, deserves serious attention by the top managers of the organisations.

Keywords: knowledge management; KM enablers; interpretive structural modelling; ISM; driving enablers; dependent enablers; information technology; India; engineering industries.

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