Management Learning, 39 (4), 2008 (Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference Issue)

[Deutscher Titel: Management Learning, 39 (4), 2008 (Konferenzausgabe: Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference) (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Management Learning, September 2008, Volume 39, No. 4
Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference Issue
Guest Editors: Carole Elliott, Michael Rouse and Dusya Vera

Carole Elliott, Michael Rouse, and Dusya Vera
Learning Fusion: Introduction to the Dedicated Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Issue 371-374.

Suzanne Gagnon
Compelling Identity: Selves and Insecurity in Global, Corporate Management Development 375-391.

Oana Branzei and Christopher Fredette
Effects of Newcomer Practicing on Cross-level Learning Distortions 393-412.

Nick Marshall
Cognitive and Practice-based Theories of Organizational Knowledge and Learning: Incompatible or Complementary? 413-435.

Daina Mazutis and Natalie Slawinski
Leading Organizational Learning Through Authentic Dialogue 437-456.

Klaus-Peter Schulz
Shared Knowledge and Understandings in Organizations: Its Development and Impact in Organizational Learning Processes 457-473.

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