The link between Knowledge Management and Quality Management

[Deutscher Titel: Die Verbindung von Wissensmanagement und Qualitätsmanagement (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Deb Stewart; Dianne Waddell
Knowledge Management: The fundamental component for delivery of quality
Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, Volume 19, Issue 9 September 2008 , pages 987 – 996

Abstract: This paper seeks to examine the link between Knowledge Management (KM) and Quality Management (QM) with a particular focus on the role of a Quality Culture. The authors propose that as Knowledge Management reaches its maturity in terms of acceptance as an important part of doing business in the modern world, that quality will again become the mantra of successful companies. This time, however, quality will not only be defined in terms of the properties of the product and/or services that the organisation provides, but in a more holistic manner that is subject to rapid change and shifting customer preferences. This increasingly dynamic knowledge-driven environment will require companies to pay close adherence to quality in order to satisfy demand and stay ahead of the competition. A national survey of 1000 quality certified organisations in Australia was distributed with a 23% response rate. The survey asked questions pertaining to the organisations’ use of Knowledge Management, their quality culture, as well as their quality performance measures. As a result of an analysis of the data, the authors suggest that, in order to survive in such a dynamic environment, organisations will have to embrace Knowledge Management as a fundamental component of delivery of a quality culture.

Keywords: Knowledge Management; quality; quantitative; Australia; survey

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