Chief Learning Officer, 8/2008

[Deutscher Titel: Chief Learning Officer, 8/2008 (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Chief Learning Officer, August 2008


High-Octane Leadership Development
by Walt McFarland, Brian Vander May and Lori Zukin

Discussion Groups: Harvesting Value from Real-World Experiences
by Agatha Gilmore

Learning Olympics: Development Through Competition
by Ray Anthony

Listen Up: A How-to Guide for Podcasting
by Kaliym Islam

What Stinks About Webinars?
by Allison Rossett, Antonia Chan and Colleen Cunningham


Business Intelligence
Today’s High-Impact Learning Organization
by Josh Bersin

Case Study
The Blended Learning Approach
by Roy Strauss

E Pluribus Unum: Uniting Organizations Through Learning
by Brian Summerfield


Best Practices – Josh Bersin
Best Practices for High-Impact Learning
by Josh Bersin

Obstacles to Demonstrating Business Impact
by Michael E. Echols, Ph.D.

Effectiveness – Jay Cross
Trios Trump Singletons
by Jay Cross

In Conclusion – Jeanne C. Meister
Learning From Multiplayer Online Games
by Jeanne C. Meister


Constructing a Mission Statement for Competitive Advantage
by Terry Shiring

Untangling the Web of Learning Integration
by Bill Perry

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