Knowledge as an internal process of inner knowing

[Deutscher Titel: Wissen als ein interner Prozess verborgenen wissens. (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Kathryn Pavlovich; Keiko Krahnke
Art, ‘Knowing’ and Management Education
Journal of Human Values, Vol. 14, No. 1, 23-30 (2008)

Abstract: This article explores the concept of knowledge as an internal process of inner knowing. In the educational context, we describe our experiences in using art in the classroom to assist our students in accessing this inner knowing. We describe the design and use of such creative expressions. Our findings indicate that students have to integrate both right- and left-brain thinking to access their inner tuition. This slows down linear thinking in order to access the more affective-based learning process. Further, it encourages students to experiment with non-linear methods of learning. We argue that these findings assist students in accessing more choices in their decision making, which in turn will build managers who energize, revitalize and facilitate the growth of humanity through organizational compassion and understanding.

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