Ikujiro Nonaka et al.: The latest developments in knowledge creation and management theory

[Deutscher Titel: Ikujiro Nonaka et al.: Die neusten Entwicklungen in der Theorie der Wissensschaffung und des Wissensmanagements (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Nonaka, I. et al.
Managing Flow: A Process Theory of the Knowledge-Based Firm.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2008. 272 p.; ISBN: 9780230553767 (hkb)

Abstract: There is currently a great shift towards a knowledge-based economy, where knowledge is the most important resource, superseding the traditional resources of land, capital and labour. With this in mind, this book presents the latest developments in knowledge creation and management theory by the leading scholar in the field, Ikujiro Nonaka. It expands on and enriches existing knowledge-based theory, and explores process theory in 10 case studies of successful Japanese firms, such as Honda, Toyota and Canon. It explores knowledge management as a global concept and is relevant to any company that wants to prosper and thrive in the global knowledge economy.

Author(s): IKUJIRO NONAKA teaches Knowledge Management in the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy at Hitotsubashi University, Japan. Known as the guru of Knowledge-Creation and Innovation Management of the firm, he is among the world’s leading scholars in the field of Knowledge Management studies aimed at fostering the next generation of business leaders and was listed as one of the top 20 “Most influential business thinkers” by The Wall Street Journal in 2008.
RYOKO TOYAMA teaches Knowledge Management and Management of Technology in the Graduate School of Knowledge Science at the Japan Institute of Advanced Science and Technology. Her research is in the fields of Knowledge Creation and Technology Management, working closely with Ikujiro Nonaka.
TORU HIRATA teaches Marketing Strategy in the Department of Economics Graduate School at Kanazawa University, Japan. His research is in the field of Knowledge Management related to technology and intellectual property strategy.
(SUSAN J. BIGELOW, AYANO HIROSE, and FLORIAN KOHLBACHER also contributed significantly to the research and editing of this book.)

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