Chief Learning Officer, 7/2008

[Deutscher Titel: Chief Learning Officer, 7/2008 (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Chief Learning Officer magazine, July 2008



A Customer-Driven Approach to Molding Tomorrow’s Leaders
by Frank R. Lloyd, Ph.D.

Birth of a Salesman: Selling Learning to Solve Business Issues
by Anthony A. D’Agostino and Joseph Daniel McCool

Transform Corporate Learning With a User Network
by Clayton M. Christensen and Michael B. Horn

Lessons From the Feds: Mapping Learning to Strategic Initiatives
by Shelly Heiden

Synchronous and Asynchronous: What’s in a Name?
by Adam Nelson

The Manager’s Responsibility for Employee Learning
by Jeffrey Berk


Case Study
Procter & Gamble: Break Up the Content With Surgical Learning
by William Martin

Case Study
At Michigan LearnPort, Teachers Tap Social Networking
by Bill Perry

Business Intelligence
Learning Modalities: The Message Driving the Medium
by Cushing Anderson

Standing at the Intersection of Learning and Philosophy
by Brian Summerfield


Imperatives – Elliott Masie
The Team as a Learner
by Elliott Masie

Selling Up, Selling Down – Bob Mosher
It’s All About Consumption
by Bob Mosher

Strategies – Fred Harburg
The Purpose-Driven Learner
by Fred Harburg

Take Five – Brandon Hall
E-Learning for Multiple Generations
by Brandon Hall

In Conclusion – Jeanne C. Meister
The CEO as Chief Blogger
by Jeanne C. Meister


The ROI of Reusable Content
by Mark Hellinger

Where Have All the LMS Vendors Gone?
by Paul Somerville

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