New links on knowledgemanagement @ – 2008-07-08

  • Enterprise 2.0 helps you navigate the emerging social software landscape and introduces you to the key concepts that make up ‘enterprise 2.0’. I explain how the culture of most companies will need to change as a result of the different ways of working
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  • a PHP-based social network platform that lets you create a social network on your website. Right out of the box, your social network will offer nearly all of the features found on today’s wildly popular social networks.
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  • A refreshing take and informative deep dive into the next generation of IT and business. The Enterprise 2.0 TV Show is intended to: Be a no-nonsense, engaging, and highly informed social media community on topics related to Enterprise 2.0. Cover the lates
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  • a resource collection place for Nancy White, Full Circle Associates and an adjunct to the Online Facilitation list on Yahoogroups, founded in August 1999. Consider it a general playground around online facilitation and online community work.
  • summary cards covering KM approaches (eg CoPs, Information Literacy, KM Champions), methods (eg AARs, Pre-Mortems, Anecdote Circles) and tools (eg Wikis, Taxonomies, Competency Frameworks).
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  • a fascinating, robust and sometimes sharp discussion with Larry Prusak and Dave Snowden a couple of days ago in Kuala Lumpur on the topic “Is Knowledge Management Dead?”
  • an independent consortium of parties interested in developing the applicability of the Topic Maps Paradigm[1] to the World Wide Web, by leveraging the XML family of specifications as required.
  • A global community for knowledge management professionals; A resource for planning knowledge management (KM) projects (i.e projects that promote sharing and use of knowledge such as ideas, expertise, best practices).
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