KnowledgeBoard Newsletter #151 – 7/2008

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KnowledgeBoard #151 – 02 July 2008 – Your Global KM Community


Dear Kate,

As technology develops at a startling pace, who knows how we could be sharing knowledge in the future. In the first of our features, H2AI and knowledge capital expert Freddie McMahon explains how AI could become much more than fantasy in ‘From human to artificial intelligence’.
In the same vein, millions or more likely billions of words have been written about just one KM facet, business intelligence. Microsoft’s Bruno Aziz has added a few more with his new book so John Stokdyk, technology editor of sister site, looks into his theories on performance management in ‘Who owns business intelligence?’
Taxonomy is another one of ‘those’ words that can cause eyes to glaze over, says APQC president Carla O’Dell. But in ‘KM best practices: Comparing apples to apples’, she argues that even if you never use it, KM professionals shouldn’t neglect the power classification systems can have when identifying, creating and distributing knowledge.
To achieve better KM and come up with the next big thing, though, innovation is the buzz word. In ‘Breakthrough innovation through network science’, Richard Ogle, author and chief scientist at KnowledgePassion, discusses just that; in other words, how network science insights could transform creativity.
And finally, don’t forget to email me if you want to take part in’s new Blog Spot.

Kind Regards,

Louise Druce


From human to artificial intelligence
AI has had more periods of hype and disillusionment than any other technology. But Freddie McMahon believes when it comes to KM, it could change the economics of everything.

Who owns business intelligence?
Performance management should involve every knowledge worker but behavioural hurdles still need to be overcome. John Stokdyk explores the territorial imperatives with Microsoft BI strategist Bruno Aziz.

Breakthrough innovation through network science
‘Innovate or die’ is the new mantra of business firms large and small but innovation is, of course, a huge topic. Richard Ogle looks at how breakthroughs can come through network science insights.

KM best practices: Comparing apples to apples
When it comes to KM best practices, APQC president Carla O’Dell explains how knowledge taxonomies and open standards can improve benchmarking and speed knowledge transfer.


Blog Spot! So you know what KM is but how do you deliver it?
Knowledge manager Mary Abraham discusses the hunt for ‘star’ workers in ‘Building a Great Knowledge Management Team’.

Call for papers
Many conferences are looking for your input but you can also announce your own forthcoming events – just email me at the address above.

Collaborative working groups
Mike King works for a major UK contractor and is keen to look at potential KM within his industry. Give your tips.


Knowledge for Growth, 7-9 July 2008, Toulouse, France

Sharing Vocabularies on the Web via Simple Knowledge Organisation System (SKOS), 21 July 2008, London, UK

KM Australia 2008, 21-23 July 2008, Melbourne, Australia

Developing a new or revised KM initiative for your business, 22 July 2088, London, UK

IADIS International Conference e-Learning 2008, 22-25 July 2008, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

7th International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management, 28-30 July 2008, Birmingham, UK


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