Inside Knowledge Magazine, 11 (9), 2008

[Deutscher Titel: Inside Knowledge Magazine, 11 (9), 2008 (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Inside Knowledge Magazine, Volume 11 Issue 9 2008

Editor’s letter
Jerry Ash, Editor


The next big step in electronic records management
The author was leader of a project funded by the European Commission for the DLM Forum, which produces MoReq2. He explains the uses, advantages and weaknesses of this ERM advance.

ei cover feature: Getting the most from your digital mailroom deployment
The right approach to document classification directly impacts customer service delivery to give your mailroom organisation the advantage.

Masterclass: Part one
A knowledge manager uses first hand experience to help first-time knowledge leaders establish a KM programme.

Lisbon strategy: Mad dash to the finish line
Ultimate success will depend on the sustainability of implementations over the next 18 months.

IK cover feature: New challenge for knowledge management
KM usage has grown substantially, but it now faces a daunting generational barrier to knowledge transfer.

The knowledge: David Gurteen
He’s the king of knowledge cafés. The model of knowledge sharing. The architect of the world’s most friendly knowledge website. Host to online discussion forums. Author of a monthly newsletter, now in its eighth year, with a subscription list of 15,000 people in 154 countries. He is one of the world’s most respected knowledge experts.


The last word: Understand human aspects before adopting e-mail technologies
Times columnist provides advance thoughts on e-mail management in preparation for her one-day masterclass in London

Knowledgeworks: Does Generational Difference Matter?
While other articles in this issue emphasise the social differences in a multi-generational workplace, a talent management expert discusses research that dispels some myths.

Comment: Knowledge and information exchange places on the value scale
The knowledge monopoly has come to an end but the world is bursting with new ideas in knowledge, which need to be exploited.

Opinion: Ode to the death of Word’s paperclip
Thanks to Facebook, Myspace, blogs and wikis, the creation and posting of a formal document seems to be out of fashion.

Book review: Exodus to the Virtual World: How Online Fun Is Changing Reality
Imagine a future where 40 per cent of real economic production (GDP) is generated in a virtual world people call their ‘actual home’; (new world) interaction informs public policy in the real (old) world; life is fun; relatively inexpensive; and a common shared purpose exists.

The Gurteen perspective: Cut the hype
A while back I received an e-mail from the secretary of a well-known UK management consultant, who asked if I would consider adding the consultant to the set of people profiles I have on my website.

Thought leader: Should it be wisdom – not knowledge – management?
The actKM worldwide forum has been debating whether it’s time to extend KM into wisdom management.
Joe Firestone thinks the definitional ambiguities of KM would be far exceeded by those of wisdom management (WM), making it an unproductive endeavour. Steve Denning believes there is already a growing literature and service provision in the field of WM, citing the work of Dorothy Leonard and Gary Klein.

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