A new methodological approach for knowledge production in practice-based, networked innovation processes

[Deutscher Titel: Eine neue methodische Vorgehensweise für die Wissensproduktion in praxisbasierten, vernetzten Innovationsprozessen (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Vesa Harmaakorpi and Arto Mutanen
Knowledge Production in Networked Practice-based Innovation Processes – Interrogative Model as a Methodological Approach 087-101
Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management, Volume 3, 2008

Abstract: Innovations emerge increasingly in practice-based processes combining both practical and scientific knowledge. The innovation processes are typically cooperative non-linear processes where knowledge production is triggered by different kinds of sources. Innovation based on a scientific theoretical approach is an exception rather than the rule as such a source. Therefore, knowledge production in practice-based, networked innovation processes requires new methodological approaches.
The interrogative model of inquiry, having its origins in the field of theoretical philosophy, is presented as such a methodological approach. A mental exercise of knowledge production in the middle ground between the practice-based metal industry and science-based nanotechnology is used to clarify the methodological approach.

Keywords: innovation, knowledge production, innovation systems, interrogative model, philosophy

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