[Workshop] Call for Papers: Secure Knowledge Management, November 2008, Dallas, USA

[Deutscher Titel: [Workshop] Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: Secure Knowledge Management, November 2008, Dallas, USA (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

SKM 2008 – Workshop on Secure Knowledge Management, November 3-4, 2008, Richardson (Department of Computer Science, The University of Texas at Dallas), TX USA

Paper submission: July 18, 2008 (No abstract submission is needed)

Workshop Theme:
Knowledge management is the methodology for systematically gathering, organizing, and disseminating information. It essentially consists of processes and tools to effectively capture and share data as well as use the knowledge of individuals within an organization. Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) promote sharing information among employees and should contain security features to prevent any unauthorized access. Security is becoming a major issue revolving around KMS. Security methods may include authentication or passwords, cryptography programs, intrusion detection systems or access control systems. Issues include insider threat (protecting from malicious insiders), infrastructure protection (securing against subversion attacks) and establishing correct policies and refinement and enforcement. Furthermore KMS content is much more sensitive than raw data stored in databases and issues of privacy also become important. 
Since the attacks in 2001, many organizations, especially the US government, have increased their concern about KMS. With the advent of intranets and web-access, it is even more crucial to protect corporate knowledge as numerous individuals now have access to the assets of a corporation. Therefore, we need effective mechanisms for securing data, information, and knowledge as well as the applications. The proposed workshop in Secure Knowledge Management will help in raising the awareness of academics and practitioners in this critical area of research and develop important questions that need to be tackled by the research community.

Topics of Interest:
Topics of interest include, and are not limited to:

  • Secure Languages (Secure Knowledge Query Manipulation Language, Security Assertion Markup Language, B2B Circles of Trust)
  • Return of Investment on Secure Knowledge Systems
  • Digital Rights Management (Digital Policy Management)
  • Secure Content Management (Secure Content Management in Authorized Domains, Secure Content Delivery, Content Trust Index)
  • Knowledge Management for National Security (Securing and Sharing What We Know: Privacy, Trust and Knowledge Management, Identity Security Guarantee, Building Trust and Security in the B2B Marketplace)
  • Security and Privacy in Knowledge Management
  • Wireless security in the context of Knowledge Management


  • Paper submission: July 18, 2008 (No abstract submission is needed)
  • Author Notification: August 29, 2008
  • Submission of Camera-ready papers: Sep 29, 2008
  • Workshop: November 3-4, 2008

For more information go to the website of the workshop.