Six factors to create knowledge-enabled innovation

[Deutscher Titel: Sechs Faktoren durch die wissensbasierte Innovation entsteht (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Jessica Twentyman
How KM underpins innovation: Lessons from the field
Melcrum’s Knowledge Management Newsletter, June 6th, 2008

Abstract: It’s increasingly apparent that one of the most important priorities right now for knowledge managers is helping their organizations to become more innovative. Knowledge creation has always had attention; but often, greater priority has been given to maintaining existing stocks of knowledge or enabling more effective flows of knowledge between diverse groups.
With that in mind, the Henley Knowledge Management Forum has recently completed an eighteen-month research project to understand how more effective KM can enable more effective innovation.
In the forthcoming July/August issue of KM Review, Dr Christine van Winkelen and Wendy Jordan of the British Council discuss their findings in an article packed with real-life examples.
They outline six factors that work synergistically to create “knowledge-enabled innovation”. These factors, say the authors, “need to be treated as a holistic system”.

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