Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, 6 (4), 2007

[Deutscher Titel: Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, 6 (4), 2007 (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Journal of Information & Knowledge Management (JIKM)
Volume: 6, Issue: 4 (December 2007)

Systematic Knowledge Auditing: A Case Study in a Power Utility Company
W. Y. Shek; C. F. Cheung; W. B. Lee; Y. Y. Chong 231 – 239

A Study of Knowledge-Based Simulation for Enterprise Resources Planning
Chi Fai Cheung; Sui Hei Fung; S. K. Kwok; Wing Bun Lee; Burly Tan 241 – 249

Utilising Neural Network and Support Vector Machine for Gene Expression Classification
Keivan Kianmehr; Hongchao Zhang; Konstantin Nikolov; Tansel Özyer; Reda Alhajj 251 – 260

Research on the Correlation Among Critical Success Factors, of Knowledge Management, Executive Degree of Knowledge Management Activities and New Product Development Performance in Taiwan’s High-Tech Firms
Yi-Chan Chung; Chih-Hung Tsai; Yau-Wen Hsu 261 – 270

Support-Less Association Rule Mining Using Tuple Count Cube
Qin Ding; William Perrizo 271 – 280

Effects of Social Identity Processes on Coordination and Knowledge Sharing in Geographically Distributed Software Teams
Raghavendra Gokakkar 281 – 296

The Role of Middle Managers in Knowledge Transfer
Robert Carty; Siobhan Walsh 297 – 302

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