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International Journal of Information Management
Volume 28, Issue 4, August 2008

What bars organisations from managing knowledge successfully? 285-292
M. du Plessis

  • Abstract: Knowledge management has been implemented both successfully and less successfully in organisations globally. In these implementations many barriers have been encountered that made the implementations complex. Implementations in every organisation would be unique due to the unique culture and unique circumstances in that particular organisation.
    This article seeks to understand what barriers have already been identified in knowledge management implementations in organisations globally today. The article also seeks to understand the context of these barriers in order to understand the bigger picture within which they take place. It also looks at how these barriers are being or has been managed, and if it has not been managed, what alternatives could have been put into place to overcome these barriers to ensure a smooth knowledge management implementation.
  • Keywords: Knowledge management barriers; Barring knowledge management; Knowledge management restrictions
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Knowledge management in virtual enterprises: A systemic multi-methodology towards the strategic use of information 305-321
Yannis A. Pollalis and Nikolaos K. Dimitriou

  • Abstract: This paper examines the development of a systemic multi-methodology for knowledge management in virtual enterprises. The main objective is the strategic management of information for the acquisition of competitive advantage and the advance of networked corporate agreements (i.e., Virtual Enterprise Projects) in order to maintain business flexibility and innovation. Making use of systemic methodologies, emphasis is given on the creation and the sustenance of knowledge coming from both the internal and the external business environment, instead of directly intervening to the operational characteristics of the modern enterprise. We present an approach to knowledge management supported by four systemic methodologies namely the total systems intervention (TSI), the strategic assumption surfacing and testing (SAST), the viable systems model (VSM) and the problem structuring methodology (PSM). The composition of systemic methodologies can result in powerful multi-methodologies that effectively compensate complexity, combine different mental pictures and perspectives and handle diversity in a creative and innovative manner. Information systems, especially those involving multiple stakeholders, profoundly limit the capability of traditional generic methods of analysis to develop and utilize interventions. In this paper, we demonstrate the effectiveness of a multi-methodology designed to facilitate the creation of a knowledge exchange business network in the field of consulting companies that provide an ideal practice field for the verification and testing of the results of our study.
  • Keywords: Virtual enterprises; Information management; Knowledge management; Strategic information systems; Systemic methodologies
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