Integrating Process Planning Knowledge in a CAD System

[Deutscher Titel: Integration von Prozessplanungswissen in ein CAD-System (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Samar Ammar-Khodja
Processing Knowledge to Support Knowledge-based Engineering Systems Specification
Concurrent Engineering, Vol. 16, No. 1, 89-101 (2008)

Abstract: During design phase, engineering activities typically involve large groups of people from different domains and disciplines. These differences often generate important information flows that are difficult to manage. To face these difficulties, a knowledge engineering process is necessary to structure the information and its use This article, presents a deployment of a knowledge capitalization process based on the enrichment of Methodology and tools Oriented to Knowledge based engineering Applications methodology to support the integration of Process Planning knowledge in a CAD System. Our goal is to help different actors to work collaboratively by proposing one referential view of the domain, the context and the objectives assuming that it will help them in better decision-making.

Key Words: knowledge-based engineering • knowledge processing • capitalization • MOKA

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