Inside Knowledge Magazine, 11 (7), 2008

[Deutscher Titel: Inside Knowledge Magazine, 11 (7), 2008 (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Inside Knowledge Magazine, Volume 11 Issue 7 2008

Editor’s letter
Knowledge economy
Thanks for this issue goes first to two of our field’s iconic pioneers, Charles Savage in Germany and Richard Cross in the UK, who have helped me feature an in-depth series of reports on the knowledge economy.

Book review
The Pfeiffer Book of Successful Communication Skill-building Tools

The Gurteen perspective: Ducks in a row
I RECENTLY READ a blog post on the web where someone proposed selling blogging to senior management by explaining how weblogs improved conversations. I wasn’t at all convinced this had much chance of success.

Thought leader
E-mail overload: Treat the problem, not the symptom
THERE IS SOMETHING better than no e-mail Fridays and e-mail bankruptcy. Both are attempted solutions for businesses and individuals to deal with the increasing overload and overwhelm due to the ever-accelerating amount of e-mail received. And in my view, both are classic cases of addressing the symptom rather than the problem.

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