KMWorld Magazine, 17 (4), 2008

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KMWorld, April 2008 [Volume 17, Issue 4]


A critical evaluation of MOSS search
There will be different ways to implement search. Think of it as a “let many flowers bloom” philosophy. You can use what’s provided in SharePoint, build or assemble a search system from the bits and pieces Microsoft provides, or snap in a third-party solution.
– by Theresa Regli , Adriaan Bloem

Web self-service: searching for answers
Few people who visit self-service Web sites have escaped unscathed from the frustrations that all too often accompany their use or attempted use. Simple transactions such as checking a bank balance can usually be accomplished efficiently, but more complex needs such as finding information about a health insurance policy or how to obtain replacement parts for a product can throw the visitor into an inescapable loop.
– by Judith Lamont

E-mail archiving: options for SMBs
The market for e-mail archiving has experienced remarkable growth over the past several years, driven by compliance requirements and burgeoning volumes of messages. Both Gartner and IDC reported worldwide growth rates exceeding 40 percent in 2006. More modest growth rates over the next few years are still expected to push the market past $1 billion by 2011.
– by Judith Lamont

Sharing data in a crisis-State and local groups work on interoperability
– by David Raths

Employers & educators embrace e-learning
Organizations are counting on e-learning solutions to facilitate in-house training, to stay abreast of security issues, and to locate and consolidate knowledge.
– by Phil Britt

Enterprise Search Industry Spotlights: Coveo

Email Management Market Roundup: KANA Software


E-DRM plugs ECM security gap
The gaping hole in security schemes for enterprise content management (ECM) systems is that few, protections exist once the information is legitimately accessed. That confidential information, which might include price lists, legal documents, patented designs, blueprints and reports, can often be printed, e-mailed or faxed to unauthorized parties without any security attached.
– by Robert Smallwood

Google “glue”? Will Google adhere to you?
– by Stephen E. Arnold

The hurdles facing social computing
– by Hugh McKellar

Online libraries are not libraries at all
– by David Weinberger
Web 2.0 here for good
– by Hugh McKellar
Future of the future: Government as a knowledge enterprise
We’ve spent a good deal of space in this column looking at how business needs to transform itself to compete in the global knowledge economy. This month, let’s take a look at how the same trends are forcing major changes in government.
– by Art Murray

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