Conceptualising/representing the knowledge of any domain in a systematic way

[Deutscher Titel: Das Wissen jedes Bereichs systematisch entwerfen/erfassen (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Javier Andrade, Juan Ares, Rafael García, Juan Pazos, Santiago Rodríguez, and Andrés Silva
Formal conceptualisation as a basis for a more procedural knowledge management
Decision Support Systems, Volume 45, Issue 1, April 2008, Pages 164-179

Abstract: Knowledge management at an organisational level can only be brought into practice if a corporate memory is defined. Unfortunately, at this moment there is no complete and procedural specification on how to build it.
This paper presents a complete and generic knowledge representation scheme that makes it possible to conceptualise/represent the knowledge of any domain in a systematic way, guiding the definition of a corporate memory and allowing us to reach a more procedural level in knowledge management discipline. The conclusions of our study, which follows the generic and formal definition of any conceptualisation, are illustrated by a real project.

Keywords: Corporate memory; Formal conceptualization; Knowledge management; Knowledge representation scheme

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