A causal relationship between project team member knowledge and project performance

[Deutscher Titel: Ein ursächlicher Zusammenhang zwischen dem Wissen von Projektteammitgliedern und Projektleistung (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Title: The effect of knowledge on system integration project performance
Author(s): Han-Kuk Hong, Jae-Sik Kim, Taehun Kim, Byung-Hak Leem
Journal: Industrial Management & Data Systems
Year: 2008 Volume: 108 Issue: 3 Page: 385 – 404

Abstract: Purpose – The paper aims to clarify the relationships between various components of knowledge possessed by the members of system integration (SI) project team and the project performance of those team members. From this lessons are learnt on SI project management issues and managerial implications regarding team member knowledge management for project performance are provided.
Design/methodology/approach – The authors validated the model and tested the hypotheses using the structural equation model analysis LISREL.
Findings – Using data from 49 SI projects performed by a prominent consulting firm, the authors discovered a positive relationship between SI project team member knowledge and project performance. Notably, tacit knowledge was found to be influential, but explicit knowledge was not. The leadership capability of team leaders and the communication capability among team members were found to be important factors affecting project performance.
Research limitations/implications – A limited number of SI projects were analyzed due to difficulties with project selection and frequent movement of consultants during the data gathering process. As a result, additional analyses considering project size and complexity were not performed. Project team members’ personal knowledge obtained through experience in similar projects or similar industries is very important to improve SI project performance. Leaders of participating SI projects have to think over project team members’ tacit product knowledge and tacit process knowledge when building their project’s team.
Originality/value – The main contribution of this paper lies in the establishment of a causal relationship between SI project team member knowledge and project performance, as well as in the proposed managerial implications for SI project knowledge management.

Keywords: Explicit knowledge, Knowledge management, Project management, Systems analysis, Tacit knowledge

Article Type: Research paper

Article URL: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/10.1108/02635570810858787

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