[Journal] Call for papers: Electronic Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, and Decision-Making

[Deutscher Titel: [Journal] Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: Elektronische Wissensteilung, Zusammenarbeit und Entscheidungsfindung (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Call for papers

Electronic Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, and Decision-Making
A special issue of International Journal of Business and Systems Research

Full paper submission deadline: 15 November, 2008

“To be or not to be?” That is no longer the question. Due to rapidly changing competitive landscape, most organisations must work beyond their own four walls in order to gain an extant competitive edge. These organisations will rely on the advents of the digital information superfreeway, and will be collaborating vertically and horizontally, both internally and with external partners, via new computing and communications advancements, bringing together their core competencies and operating as one unified entity.

One primary advantage of e-partnership and electronically integrated organisation lies in the fact that it eliminates the traditional boundaries of organisations, greatly enhancing organisations’ abilities to take actions and make decisions at the speed of mind. These organisations have functions that are increasingly interconnected within themselves and with their partners in a highly coordinated operation. In such an environment, one unit or subunit’s actions may most likely affect many others. As such, within the context of an organisation’s operation performance and/or e-partnership, decisions cannot be made in isolation; decisions require consultation and inputs from all those that can influence or be influenced by them.

This special issue is an opportunity for those involved in the study and management of electronic knowledge sharing, collaboration, and decision-making to share and exchange ideas and examples of best practices.

The special issue cordially invites submissions of papers on both the theory and practice of all aspects of electronic knowledge disseminations and acquisitions, intra- or inter-organisation collaborations, and group or joint decision-making. The journal is seeking qualitative, experience-based and quantitative papers as well as case studies and reports of work in progress from academics, practitioners, vendors and government departments.

Subject coverage of the special issue includes, but is not limited to:

  • Web/internet knowledge sharing and collaborative applications/environments
  • Electronic or online workspaces, tailoring
  • Tools and interfaces supporting collaboration, learning, and decision-making
  • Monitoring and analysis of electronic or online group interactions
  • Workflow management and coordination
  • Administration support for distributed/virtual communities
  • Social aspects of e-knowledge sharing, online group work and decision-making
  • Nomadic and/or mobile collaborative work
  • Virtual groups and e-partnerships
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL)
  • Comprehensive reviews of previous studies on e-collaboration and/or e-knowledge sharing and/or e-decision-support technologies in organisations
  • Analysis of different research methods and their impact on the study of e-collaboration and/or e-knowledge sharing and/or e-decision-support technologies in organisations
  • Design, implementation, and assessment of e-business solutions that include e-collaboration and/or e-knowledge sharing and/or e-decision-support features
  • E-collaboration and/or e-knowledge sharing and/or e-decision-making technologies’ impacts on knowledge management and organisational learning
  • Organisational and national culture as moderating factors in the adoption and use of e-collaboration and/or e-knowledge sharing and/or e-decision-support technologies in organisations
  • E-collaboration and/or e-knowledge sharing and/or e-decision-support technologies support for the creation of virtual teams and virtual organisations
  • Web-based asynchronous conferencing tools
  • Success factors of digital international/global business collaboration
  • Intra- and inter-organisational collaboration and productivity
  • Conceptual frameworks of e-collaboration and/or e-knowledge sharing and/or e-decision-support in the global economy
  • All other issues related to e-knowledge sharing, collaboration, and decision-making.

Important Dates

  • Full paper submission deadline: 15 November, 2008
  • Notification of acceptance and review results: 30 January, 2009
  • Revised paper submission deadline: 30 March, 2009
  • Notification of acceptance: 15 May, 2009
  • Camera-ready version deadline: 1 July, 2009

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