Behavioural and analytic interventions to elicit and formalise knowledge

[Deutscher Titel: Wissen durch Verhaltens- und alalytische Eingriffe entlocken und formalisieren (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Ravi S. Behara, Tojo Thatchenkery, Con Kenney    
Empathic Knowledge Management: reverse simulation experiments in a learning laboratory
International Journal of Information Technology and Management 2008 – Vol. 7, No.3  pp. 283 – 314

Abstract: The effective management of knowledge has emerged as a critical competency for organisations. This paper presents a methodology for managing knowledge in information- and knowledge-intensive services. The Empathic Knowledge Management methodology was developed on the foundation of an appreciative inquiry framework that surfaces and utilises tacit knowledge of participants in the context of process design efforts in a learning laboratory environment. Behavioural and analytic interventions were used to elicit and formalise the knowledge of the participants. The behavioural interventions created and maintained a learning climate for reverse simulation using appreciative inquiry, while the analytic interventions included systemic problem formulation, service blueprint development and system specification using appropriate software tools. The methodology was tested successfully in the design of two distinct product delivery processes in a large financial services company in the USA.

Keywords: knowledge acquisition; organisational learning; process choice; process design; knowledge management; reverse simulation; learning laboratory; empathy; tacit knowledge; appreciative inquiry; financial services.

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