Library 2.0 – being participants in, rather than recipients of, knowledge sharing

[Deutscher Titel: Bibliothek 2.0 – Teilnehmer bei, anstatt Empfänger von, Wissensteilung sein (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

John Cullen
Professionalizing knowledge sharing and communications: Changing roles for a changing profession
Business Information Review, Vol. 25, No. 1, 53-57 ( 2008 )

Abstract: Web 2.0 technologies are becoming increasingly ubiquitous among younger generations of IT users and this is creating a new set of expectations about accessing quality information for business, research and academic purposes. The article looks at how this situation has impacted on the expectations of users of library and information services. Although there are solid reasons for standing by professional standards, there is little doubt that the next generation has a greater expectation around being participants in, rather than recipients of, knowledge sharing. How will this impact the status of the professional librarian and information manager, and to what extent should they change with this paradigm shift looming?

Key Words: business • communications • information quality • knowledge sharing • librarian 2.0 • library 2.0 • personalization • professionalism • social networking • web 2.0

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