[Conference] Call for papers: Knowledge Management Forum, November 2008, Milano, Italy

[Deutscher Titel: [Konferenz] Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: Knowledge Management Forum, November 2008, Mailand, Italien (Text übersetzen: Deutsch)]

Call for papers

November 26-27-28, 2008, Milano, Italy

July, 4, 2008: Submission deadline for papers

Knowledge Management is the key to increase the competitiveness in organizations and the professional competencies of related collaborators. Knowledge Management Forum since 12 editions is the meeting on the cultural, organizational and technological innovations to spread knowledge management.

The call for papers has the goal to collect the best original researches with a scientific approach on knowledge management, from a cultural, organizational and technological point of view through papers talking about knowledge management scenarios, strategies, methodologies, technologies, applications, processes, focus on, solutions, best practice, experiences able to increase the competitiveness od organizations and the professionality of his collaborators managing knowledge. This means presenting not commercial papers referring on technological and managerial directories of the knowledge management (km tracks).
Accepted papers will be inserted in the proceedings. Best papers will be published on KappaeMme (www.jekpot.com/kappaemme), a magazine on managing and communicating organizational knowledge edited by JEKPOT, the Knowledge Management Company.

The topics are divided in 4 categories:


  • Ontology
  • Information retrieval
  • Information categorization
  • Information taxonomy
  • Information profiling
  • Information lifecycle management
  • Records management
  • Search engine
  • Document management
  • Content management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Product Lifecycle Management


  • Messaging & Collaboration
  • Videoconferencing, virtual meeting, instant messaging, web-tv, vocal & visual communication
  • Elearning, Community management
  • Knowledge mapping
  • Intellectual asset management
  • HR management


  • Application mining
  • Data mining
  • Text mining
  • Executive Informations Systems
  • Information and knowledge visualisation
  • Olap
  • Reporting
  • Performance management
  • Call e contact center
  • Customer Relationship Management


  • Information, collaboration, analitical, knowledge Portal
  • Portal Applications Integration
  • Database management
  • Internet management
  • Quality management
  • Security management
  • Supply chain management
  • Storage management
  • Wireless management
    Workflow management
  • Cultural, organizational, technological approach related to:
    1. Scenarios, strategies, methodologies, technologies, applications, processes, focus on, solutions, best practice, experiences;
    2. Education (continuing, oriented to organizational goals, processes and roles);
    3. Innovation (cultural, organizational, technological; on product and process);
    4. Research (scientific, industrial);
    5. Interactions among education, innovation, research; to increase the competitiveness of organizations and the professionality of his collaborators

To participate in this call click on www.jekpot.com/pagine/privacy.htm indicating your personal data and the subject of your request (CFP KM13); then send the web form and you will get the documents to participate in cfp. Accepted papers could be presented in Km Tracks Session by registering to the forum; to make your registration to the forum click on www.jekpot.com/pagine/km13.htm#registrazione.


  • July, 4, 2008: Submission deadline for papers
  • July, 25, 2008: Notification of acceptance for papers
  • September, 15, 2008: Submission deadline for camera-ready papers and (possibile) deadline of registration as a speaker for the author of the validated paper to present it within the Km Tracks Session.

For more information go to the web site of the conference.