Journal of Intellectual Capital , 8 (4), 2007 (Special issue: Strategic Enterprise Valuation)

[German title: Journal of Intellectual Capital , 8 (4), 2007 (Sonderausgabe: Strategische Unternehmensbewertung) (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

Journal of Intellectual Capital
Volume 8 Issue 4 2007
Special issue: Strategic Enterprise Valuation
Nick Bontis, Christopher K. Bart 
The German guideline for intellectual capital reporting: method and experiences  
Manfred Bornemann, Kay Alwert (pp. 563-576) 

Keywords: Decision making, Financial reporting, Intellectual capital 
ArticleType:Technical paper 
The impact of voluntary disclosure on cost of equity capital estimates in a temporal setting  
Gerhard Kristandl, Nick Bontis (pp. 577-594) 

Keywords: Disclosure, Equity capital, Intellectual capital 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Extended VAIC model: measuring intellectual capital components  
Jamal A. Nazari, Irene M. Herremans (pp. 595-609) 

Keywords: Financial performance, Intellectual capital, Market value 
ArticleType:Conceptual paper 
Organizational size and knowledge flow: a proposed theoretical link  
Alexander Serenko, Nick Bontis, Timothy Hardie (pp. 610-627) 

Keywords: Intellectual capital, Knowledge management, Knowledge sharing 
ArticleType:Conceptual paper 
Making sense of knowledge productivity: beta testing the KP- enhancer  
Christiaan D. Stam (pp. 628-640) 

Keywords: Design, Innovation, Intellectual capital, Knowledge management, Productivity rate, Program testing 
ArticleType:Research paper 
East is East, and West is West, and (n)ever its intellectual capital shall meet  
Daniel Andriessen, Marien van den Boom (pp. 641-652) 

Keywords: Culture, Intellectual capital, Knowledge management, Metaphors, Philosophy 
ArticleType:Conceptual paper 
Applying the balanced scorecard for better performance of intellectual capital  
Sanjoy Bose, Keith Thomas (pp. 653-665) 

Keywords: Balanced scorecard, Company performance, Intellectual capital, Knowledge management, Performance measures 
ArticleType:Research paper 
How does human capital affect the performance of small and mid-cap mutual funds?  
Lorne N. Switzer, Yanfen Huang (pp. 666-681) 

Keywords: Fund management, Human capital, Personality 
ArticleType:Research paper 
A comparative analysis of mission statement content in secular and faith-based hospitals  
Chris Bart (pp. 682-694) 

Keywords: Health services, Hospitals, Mission statements, Performance measures 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Intellectual capital practices and performance in Russian enterprises  
George Tovstiga, Ekaterina Tulugurova (pp. 695-707) 

Keywords: Intellectual capital, Organizational performance, Russia 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Intellectual assets and public policy  
Robert Huggins, Maria Weir (pp. 708-720) 

Keywords: Competitive strategy, Intangible assets, Public policy, Scotland, Small to medium-sized enterprises 
ArticleType:Research paper

The strategic importance of intellectual capital in the non-profit sector  
Eric Kong (pp. 721-731) 

Keywords: Intellectual capital, Non-profit organizations, Strategic management 
ArticleType:Literature review 
Intellectual capital management in Spanish universities  
Yolanda Ramírez, Carmen Lorduy, José Antonio Rojas (pp. 732-748) 

Keywords: Intellectual capital, Knowledge management, Spain, Universities 
ArticleType:Case study 

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