The Learning Organization, 14 (6), 2007 (Special: Systems thinking/dynamics)

[German title: The Learning Organization, 14 (6), 2007 (Spezial: systemisches Denken/systemische Dynamik (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

The Learning Organization, Volume 14 Issue 6 2007
Special issue: Systems thinking and systems dynamics

Another year
Author(s):Steven Walczak

Guest editorial
The relevance of systems thinking and system dynamics
Author(s):Peter Smith

Systems thinking: a case for second-order-learning
Jamshid Gharajedaghi (pp. 473-479)
Keywords: Change management, Design, Learning, Systems analysis, Organizations
ArticleType:Conceptual paper

Some new theoretical issues in systems thinking relevant for modelling corporate learning
Gianfranco Minati (pp. 480-488)
Keywords: Learning, Learning organizations, Modelling, Systems theory
ArticleType:Conceptual paper

Learning to think systemically: what does it take?
Carol Ann Zulauf (pp. 489-498)
Keywords: Decision making, Learning, Self assessment
ArticleType:Research paper

Light bulbs and change: systems thinking and organisational learning for new ventures
Misha Hebel (pp. 499-509)
Keywords: Business formation, Entrepreneurship, Learning, Systems theory
ArticleType:Case study

Insurance sector dynamics: towards transformation into learning organization
Gopalakrishna Barkur, K.V.M. Varambally, Lewlyn L.R. Rodrigues (pp. 510-523)
Keywords: Insurance, Learning organizations, Organizational change
ArticleType:Research paper

Change in(ter)ventions to organizational learning: bravo to leaders as unifying agents
Roland K. Yeo (pp. 524-552)
Keywords: Discipline, Leadership, Learning organizations, Organizational change, Singapore
ArticleType:Research paper

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