KM Legal, 2 (1), 2007

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KM Legal
Volume 2 Issue 1 2007


Knowledge re-use: re-use strategies 
Knowldege re-use and capture is surprisingly challenging in project-based organisations. But there are some tools and techniques that can help to overcome any potential hurdles.

Personal training tools 
All too often training and development can appear as a disconnected, compliance-driven function of the firm. Richard King, head of legal knowledge at UK firm Herbert Smith outlines how the training agenda can be made less rigid and more appealing.

Case study: Davies Arnold Cooper 
Finding the right piece of information when it’s needed, wherever it resides, is a critical capability for law firms. UK-based international firm Davies Arnold Cooper undertook the search to find the right tool to give fast, efficient access to information.

Knowledge whispers 
The ‘cult of youth’ is being replaced with a realisation that older staff can boast much more experience and corporate knowledge. How can organisations retain that knowledge when such experienced staff leave or retire?

Profile – Debra Amidon 
Debra M. Amidon is arguably one of the most original, prolific writers and thinkers studying knowledge-innovation zones – and much, much more.


The last word: What do you do when the baby-boomers retire? 
I read an article recently about a convention for the undertaking industry – it was a typical trade-show, but with all the latest coffins and funeral accessories on display. Apparently the undertaking business has hit a slow patch due to increased lifespans.

Just say Web 2.No! 
I read an article in the Guardian newspaper recently that quoted Elton John as saying we should just shut down the internet for five years and see what would happen. He was making a point about illegal downloading of music, but it was an interesting thought, nevertheless. What would happen? Could it happen?

Book Review – Net Work 
HUMAN NETWORKS are everywhere. Literally. We network at work; within the companies and industries that we work in; among various sets of friends; and, with family. Each network adds value to the various elements of our lives. Frequently, some of those networks will intersect – adding even more value.

Editor’s Letter 
Welcome to the September/October edition of KM Legal magazine. As we embark on our second year of publication, I would like to introduce Lucy McNulty, who has recently joined the magazine as editorial assistant. Some of you will already have spoken to her about forthcoming issues and I hope you that you will join me in wishing her the best of luck in her new role.In a marked change from the usual format of the magazine, I thought I would take the opportunity to find out about what’s going on in the world of knowledge management (KM) outside of the legal profession in this issue.

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