I-KNOW ’07 Conference Proceedings

[German title: I-KNOW ’07 Tagungsbericht (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

Tochtermann, K.; Maurer, H.: I-KNOW ’07. 7th International Conference on Knowledge Management. Graz: Know-Center, 2007. xiii, 510 p.

Abstract: In today’s information society, highly innovative knowledge technologies are widely accepted as key enabling technologies to support organizations in treating knowledge as a valuable asset. Organisations are aware that their survival and future success depend on their knowledge about the latest developments in the field and on the solutions they realise to effectively support the management of knowledge. I-KNOW ’07 is dedicated to the latest scientific trends in IT-based knowledge management. With more than 500 attendees per year I-KNOW could be established as the premier application-oriented conference on this topic in Europe. In 2007, Know-Center, Austria’s competence center for knowledge management, organizes I-KNOW for the seventh time. But for the first time I-KNOW is part of the conference series TRIPLE-I. TRIPLE-I combines the three conferences I-KNOW, I-MEDIA and I-SEMANTICS reflecting the increasing importance and convergence of knowledge management, new media technologies and semantic technologies. This unique concept aims at bridging the gaps between the various communities and their technology fields.
One key element of I-KNOW is to function as a platform for networking. Community building is fostered in special interactive events designed around particular themes. Deliberately long breaks throughout the conference and social events in the evenings provide excellent opportunities for meeting and networking with researchers or practitioners from all over the world.
Furthermore, I-KNOW offers its attendees selected contributions reviewed by an international expert committee. This year, 56 full papers and eight short papers have been selected for publication in the conference proceedings of I-KNOW ’07.
The I-KNOW program is structured as follows: In thematically focused events community building is supported. Experts and the interested audience are brought together for an in-depth discourse in a thematically focused area. These events include a workshop of the leading EC-funded projects dealing with the integration of learning and working, and for example special tracks on Knowledge Visualization and Discovery as well as Knowledge Organisation and Semantic Technologies.
These special events are complemented by presentations covering current trends and latest developments in knowledge management. The presentations cover amongst others the following areas:

  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Collaboration
  • Task and Process Exploration and Modeling
  • Knowledge Discovery
  • Knowledge Governance

Read the full conference proceedings online.

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