Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, 6 (2), 2007

[German title: Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, 6 (2), 2007 (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

Journal of Information & Knowledge Management
Vol. 6, No. 2 (June 2007)

Collective Ambition, Creative Chaos, Information Redundancy, and Shared Knowledge in Integrated Product Development – Case Study
Rupak Rauniar, Greg Rawski and Jeramy Meacham 79

Dynamic Knowledge Integration in Socio-Technical Networks: An Interpretive Study of Intranet Use for Knowledge Integration
Sharman Lichtenstein, Craig M. Parker and Alexia Hunter 91

Knowledge Sharing in a Collaborative Networked Environment
Kathryn Cormican and Lawrence Dooley 105

Education for Sustainability: Creating Skills in Human Capital Analysis
Carol Royal and Loretta O’Donnell 115

Agent Based Process Management Environment – Mercury
Jeong Ah Kim, Seung Young Choi and Rhan Jung 127

Throwing Pebbles into a Dark Cave: A Study of Participation and Behaviour in the {act-km} Online Community
Greg Timbrell, Patrick Lambe and Ørjan Taule 139

Prediction of IS Project Escalation Based on Software Development Risk Management
Eun Hee Kim and Yongtae Park 153

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