NASA ASK Magazine, 25/2006 – interesting articles

[German title: NASA ASK Magazine, 25/2006 – interessante Artikel (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

NASA ASK Magazine
Issue 25, Fall 2006

MITRE: The Collaborative Landscape
By Julie Gravallese, Ren Resch, Jean Tatalias, and Don Cohen

Abstract: How practice, culture, and technology combine to support knowledge sharing.

The Knowledge Notebook — The Other Frontiers of Space
By Laurence Prusak

Abstract: While we at NASA are very aware of research and activities related to every aspect of outer space, there are other kinds of space that have been gaining the attention of organizational researchers and practitioners. These include social space and cognitive space, which are increasingly seen as important factors in how successfully organizations can pursue the ever more important goals of collaboration and innovation.

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