Journal of Workplace Learning, 18 (7/8), 2006 (Special Issue on integrating work and learning)

[German title: Journal of Workplace Learning, 18 (7/8), 2006 (Spezialausgabe: Intergration von Arbeit und lernen) (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

Journal of Workplace Learning, Volume 18, Issue  7/8 2006  
Special issue: Challenging for integrating work and learning (Guest editor: Paul Hager)

Guest editorial 
Author(s):Paul Hager

Connecting work and learning: design engineers’ learning at work  
Kaija Collin (pp. 403-413) 

  • Keywords: Experience, Finland, Workplace learning 
  • ArticleType:Research paper

You are who I say you are: the rhetorical construction of identity in the operating theatre  
Alan Bleakley (pp. 414-425) 

  • Keywords: Communication, Operating theatres, Rhetoric, Team working 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

Contextuality and cultural texts: a case study of workplace learning in call centres  
Margaret Crouch (pp. 426-438) 

  • Keywords: Call centres, Taylorism, Workplace learning 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

Experience, competence and workplace learning  
Susanna Paloniemi (pp. 439-450) 

  • Keywords: Older workers, Tacit knowledge, Workplace learning 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

Recognising current competencies of volunteers in emergency service organisations  
Ralph Catts, Dave Chamings (pp. 451-463) 

  • Keywords: Australia, Competences, Emergency services, Training, Volunteers 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

Learning to make changes: democratic dialogue in action  
Satu Kalliola, Risto Nakari, Ilkka Pesonen (pp. 464-477) 

  • Keywords: Action research, Finland, Managerialism, Narratives 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

VET practitioners working with private enterprises: a “third space”?  
Roger Harris, Michele Simons (pp. 478-494) 

  • Keywords: Australia, Learning, Workplace learning 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

Transformative learning in joint leadership  
Lena Wilhelmson (pp. 495-507) 

  • Keywords: Learning processes, Self development, Shared leadership 
  • ArticleType:Technical paper 

Upward feedback and its contribution to employees’ feeling of self-determination  
Johannes Bauer, Regina H. Mulder (pp. 508-521) 

  • Keywords: Feedback, Germany, Workplace learning 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

Learning to organize: US unions, work, and learning  
Ellen Scully-Russ (pp. 522-534) 

  • Keywords: Education, Leaders, United States of America 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

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